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Rostekhnadzor is the official website of the Federal Service Administration of ecological, technical and nuclear supervision in Srednee Povolzhye (Middle-Volga region). Visiting this website is helpful for: CEOs of those companies and specialized agencies, which exploit, examine dangerous manufacturing entities; ones engaged in insurance or educational activity in energy sector and industrial safety area; specialists in industrial and ecological safety; wide range of users. The main task of this site is to cover the activity of Administration, to explain and to help solving some issues in terms of Rostekhnadzor reference.


USTA group of companies is:

- the first in Samara coworking-office “Mesto pod solntsem” (“A place in the sun”): excellent working conditions, modern communications and equipment.

- production of all main types of motor oil: for engines and transmission boxes, for doors and windows and even olive oil.

- transport of all main forms of cargos: large-size, bulk and construction cargo.

- accounting for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.


Eurodom – real estate agency

Visit Eurodom to buy a villa or an apartment on the seaside! The agency selling real estate in Turkey is situated in Samara, but it consults all people interested from all regions of Russia.

The consultations cover: real estate selection, organization of trips for examining the objects on site, paper work. All consultations are free of charge.


SSKO – Samara sanatorium-health resort association. The association was founded in 2000. Its main activities are: treatment and recreation in Russia; selling tourist, boarding house, sanatorium vouchers; organizing group children’s recreation in summer and year-round health camps, military-training camps, situated in Samara region.

The website was totally redesigned and the Xtore version 2.0 was replaced by Xtore 3.0


MSP – International Service of Greetings

Delivery of flowers, bouquets, champagne, food and fruit baskets, toys and any gifts all around the world – it`s all about International Service of Greetings. ISG unites about 400 companies and entrepreneurs all across CIS and other countries, covering more than 2000 cities in CIS countries and all population aggregates in 162 other countries all around the world.

Viva, button accordion

International festival of button accordion music "Viva, button accordion"

Sergey Voytenko is a talented musician and composer. The website contains all required information of the festival and its participants; it can help you to become absorbed by the world of wonderful music and find out a lot of helpful information.