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Xtore is a ready-made solution for websites

We sell and lease ready-made e-shops and websites. Our technology enables you to open your own e-shop or a web-office of your company in a short term providing product catalogue and order system.

Thanks to our solution, the information about your goods and services will be available for millions of Internet-users. The solution is made for selling goods and services of any kind.

Xtore is an optimal decision for large-scale, medium and small businesses. Start building your e-business today, do not put it off till tomorrow. The e-commerce competition is increasing day by day. Therefore, the sooner you start, the shorter time it will take to make your first profit. If you set up a new business, winning a good name will take some time regardless of its size or type. If your e-shop is a continuation of an existing business, you will not only rise a step in your clients` and rivals` opinion, but also improve the current clients servicing, increase customer satisfaction and open a new market, the Web.


You get everything at one place: design, program and hosting. You just choose the desired services, we do all the rest.

You can install a website or an e-shop at your server, external hosting, or you can order our hosting. You receive reports and get the possibility of data import/export. You should just update the price list regularly and send the goods to your clients.


Your website or e-shop will be unique. We separate design from business logic, therefore you can make the style of your e-shop incomparable. In fact, we offer you a website constructor, the usability of which can be compared with Word and Excel.

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