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Before using this software product, read through the following information carefully. By using the software, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this License Agreement.


For a software product “Gonets”

This License agreement ( hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) is a legal document governing the relations between “TMS” Co Ltd, hereinafter referred to as Rightholder, and a corporate or an individual person, hereinafter referred to as User, using the “Gonets” software product, its components and modifications ( hereinafter “Gonets program”).

1. “Gonets” program contents.

“Gonets program” includes the set of program modules (subsystems), recorded at any information carriers, paper and electronic technical documents, other text and graphics materials at any information carriers, referring to the program use.

2. Agreement effectiveness

Installing the “Gonets” program at your PC for the purpose of using it in production-commercial activity or any other, User agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. User, not accepting the conditions of hereof, does not have a right to install and to use this software product.

3.“Gonets” property rights

The rightholder of the sole property rights of “Gonets” is “TMS” Co Ltd. The property rights of “Gonets” are protected by the legislation of Russian Federation concerning copyright.

4. The use of “Gonets”

4.1. “Gonets” can be installed only at one computer. The use of “Gonets” is allowed provided that its purchase from the Rightholder or the Business-partner of the Rightholder (dealer) is showed by documents in accordance with payment.

4.2. Any use of “Gonets” breaching the conditions of the paragraph 4.1. hereof is qualified as an economic crime and prosecuted in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation.

4.3. The use of “Gonets” demo version for introductory purposes is granted and free of charge. The demo version operates with the restrictions regulated by the Rightholder according to the place of using the product. The rightholder has the right to modify the restrictions for the demo version without notification.

5. Rightholder rights and obligations

5.1. The Rightholder supplies “Gonets” program “as is”.

5.2. The Rightholder can update the program and remove some detected program bugs and errors at his discretion.

5.3. The Rightholder is not responsible for any kind of damage, caused to the User directly or indirectly as a result of using (or not using) of “Gonets” program, its parts or modifications.

5.4. In case of breaching this Agreement, the Rightholder has a right to require that the User terminate the use of “Gonets” program, repair the material and any other damage.

6. User rights and obligations.

6.1. The User has a right to use the “Gonets” program subject to conditions determined by the paragraph 4 hereof.

6.2. The program settings made by the User, as well as the information entered at the information system of “Gonets” program by the User, belong to the User.

6.3. The User has no right to edit the program modules, the database structure, “Gonets” program documentation, as well as to restructure and create his own software, derivative from “Gonets” program, without the written consent from the Rightholder.

6.4. The User is solely responsible for the use of “Gonets” program and can not require that the Rightholder fulfill any other commitments regarding “Gonets”, for the exception of the ones provided by this Agreement and by the contracts made between the User and the Rightholder.

6.5. The User has the right to use the “Gonets” program only for the activity, which is permitted by the existing legislation.

6.6. The User has a right to make backup copies of the “Gonets” program only for the purposes of backup archiving.

7. Term of validity

7.1. This Agreement has unlimited validity.

7.2. Breaching this Agreement or its certain paragraphs by the User entails the termination of commitments by the Rightholder and indemnification payment to the Rightholder in accordance with the existing legislation.

8. Final provisions.

8.1. This Agreement can not be considered as the contractual relationship between the User and the Rightholder regarding any other issues not determined hereby. Indicated relationship can be established by the additional contracts between the Rightholder and the User.

8.2. The admission of any provision of this Agreement invalid or unnecessary to fulfill does not entail the invalidity or non-fulfillment of any other provisions hereof.

8.3. In case of breaching this Agreement by the User, the Rightholder has a right to protect his interests in accordance with the existing legislation.